Planes, Trains … and Lemonade!

This is a guest post from Erika, mom of Carlos, who’s creative son took his love for trains and business savvy and applied to Lemonade Day this year! Tweet, facebook or email us [] your story and we’ll add it to our Pinterest Story Board.

My son, Carlos Calderon, and I participated in Lemonade Day this past May the 6th, 2012 in Houston.  It was such a wonderful experience not only for both of us, but also for the rest of the family.  It became a family project. We decided to go with a natural homemade lemonade, so the whole family was part of the process a night before the event.  Even my 2-year-old daughter was in charge of something, cleaning the lemon skins after the lemons were squeezed.  Carlos was really excited as he is a big fan of trains, so he decided to create a whole ambiance around the stand that resembled his interest.  He chose Hermann Park near the main train station as his location.  He made some tracks in very bright colors that surrounded the stand itself.  The banner had a train all along the name of the stand, which he chose, “Lemonade In a Train”.

On Lemonade Day, Carlos had no problem approaching families to invite them to get a fresh lemonade from us.  He decided to make some “coupons”  in which he offered Buy 3, Get 4th For Free. (We are not so sure it was financially good for the business, but we definitely enjoyed seeing him put his dreams into action.)  We worked very hard for 5 whole hours, in which we sold plenty of cups of lemonade and cookies, which he decided to offer as well. He told me this experience made him realize it takes a lot of work and dedication to put up a new business.  At the end of the day we decided to treat ourselves to a train ride around Hermann Park.  So trains and lemonade were always around us!

We appreciate so much this program.  As soon as I heard about it, I thought it would be a great experience for my son.  He is always thinking about new businesses or new ideas to offer the world.  I found this event to be the perfect setting for a budding entrepreneur.  Thanks so much for such a wonderful, learning, and enriching program.


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