Kids Inspire Local Chefs

Last Saturday, CityCentre hosted 50 stands of eager Lemonade Day participants all vying for the title Best Tasting lemonade in all of Houston.

It was left up to 15 judges from chefs to CEOs to make the call. And it was no easy job. They spent hours carefully tasting everyone’s recipes, talking to the kids about their recipes and inspirations. There was blueberry, strawberry, cucumber, basil, cinnamon, and even lemongrass; some opted for stevia, while others topped with whipped cream. There was even a Gatorade lemonade catering to the runners with Conn’s Green Run. After hours of judging and lots of tasting, they tallied the numbers and announced the winners.

So who took home the title?

But first … how about some adorable pictures!

… and now the WINNER ARE:

Most Unique:

3rd – Patricio & Alejo Oravananos, Jorge & JP Ibarra

2nd – Gayla Powell & Dakota Merriweather

1st – Kaitlin Nunez



3rd – Mari Oliver

2nd – Veronica & Sofia Ibarra, Isabella Orvananos

1st – Maddie, Kenzie & Luke

From Mom: They had an absolute ball! Winning 1st place pleased them so much and they are very excited to share the good news and trophy on Gator News at Sienna Crossing Elementary in the morning. They will be in front of One Green Street from 11-4 on May 6.  They will be donating to SPCA because they love puppies and also to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They are 7 year old siblings that celebrate the benefits of teamwork. They understand that it is important to always help people when you can. Lemonade Day empowers them to earn money to buy some of the things they like but Mommy and Daddy will not buy for them and share some money with people less fortunate than they are.

Best Tasting:

3rd – Nicolas & Sebastian Laureano
2nd – Richano Wong

1st – Maria Maldonado & Itzi Castillo

A big thanks to our amazing chef & CEO judges:

Steve Stephens, Amegy Bank
Georgea Pappas, Pappas Restaurants
Brad Dorsey, CRAVE Cupcakes
Randy Evans, Haven
Chef Raymond Vandergaag, Tasting Room CITYCENTRE
Papa John’s
Genghis Grill
Andrea Sciarillo, Menchies
Paul Petronella, Paulie’s
Anita Jaisinghani, Pondicheri & Indika
George Mueller, Imperial Sugar
Kevin Strickland, Ziggy’s

So will there be a new lemongrass lemonade on the menu at one of our favorite restaurants? Can’t wait to see what these summer menus include!

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