Lessons from a Lemonader: How to Secure Investors

Last week some enterprising, veteran Lemonade Day participants got to be apart of the Rice Business Plan Competition. Inspired by the event, on the way home one of those teens, Mari Leigh, had an idea and wrote a letter. Her mother shared that letter with us:


I’d like one minute of your time.  Lemonade Day is an organization that teaches kids about entrepreneurship and preparing for life. This citywide event encourages kids to start a lemonade stand and sell their lemonade to the entire community.  This will be my 4th year participating in this event.  I am an eleven year old student at Needville Middle School in Needville, TX.

This year I am participating in the Lemonade Day Best Tasting Contest at the Green 6.2 Run on April 28th and setting up my stand on Sunday, May 6th at my local Kroger store.  I also do special events and help others raise funds year round.  I have kept my overhead very low by using a table with nice decorations.  As I go forward in my business I would like to ask you to join Team Lemondrop and help me upgrade my business.

I recently served as a teen judge for the Elevator Pitch Competition during the Rice Business Plan Competition and I decided to give a written elevator pitch to ask for your support.  In return for your help, I will list your company on my website along with a link to your site.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  You can make a donation on my website under the give tab.  If you have questions, you can call my mom, LaShan at 281-620-5039.

Yours sincerely,
Mari Leigh
Owner-Mari Leigh’s Lemonade


Has your child secured their investors & start up expenses for May 6th yet? Please share your best tips on building support for your business – be it a lemonade stand or otherwise.

There’s still time! You can still register for Lemonade Day Houston. Register online and pick up your workbooks at one of our partner locations around town.

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