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Sparking Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

As the product of American entrepreneurial spirit ourselves, getting young people involved in entrepreneurship is a cause near to our hearts. That’s why Spark Energy supports Lemonade Day, a fun and educational way to get your mini business-mogul-in-the-making the tools and tips they need to start and run a successful business.

And even if you don’t expect your little one to start the next Google or Facebook anytime soon, the lessons they’ll learn through Lemonade Day are great life-lessons too. Concepts like good money-management and how to treat people well are valuable no matter what you do.

Spark Energy’s Lemonade Tycoon Business Tips

1. Consider making your lemonade unique with special ingredients. Your parents can help you figure out which ingredients will work best.

2. Make sure you price your lemonade high enough to have money left over after you cover your expenses, but not so high people won’t buy it.

3. Make sure to pick a location for your lemonade stand near lots of thirsty people, like a baseball or soccer field.

4. Let people know you’re selling lemonade with things like signs, flyers and word-of-mouth.

5. Make your lemonade stand stand out. Try giving it a fun name, bringing some balloons and maybe even play some music.

6. Be friendly. Make sure to smile, say hello and thank people for coming by.

7. Get creative! Try to think up a unique way of selling your lemonade. For example, offer someone a discount for getting several of their friends to buy.

What tips would you give our budding lemonade entrepreneurs?

Lemonade Day Houston is May 6th! You can still register for Lemonade Day Houston at http://houston.lemonadeday.org/register/index.php or by coming out to one of our sign up events!

*Spark Energy is a sponsor of Lemonade Day in Houston and in Chicago and supports their local communities. Please “Like” them on facebook and thank them for their support of Lemonade Day.

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